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Karen Gilbert - Southern Location
1850 Dry Creek Road
Poolville, TX 76487
(989) 992-8161 (cell)

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Redstar Kennels - Welcome 

"Do we Speak Labrador?"  ..."You bet we do!" 

Redstar Kennels of Poolville, Texas, has been raising quality Labradors for over 38 years! We have high standards.  We only want to breed and raise the best. Our focus has been on the breeding and raising of Pointing Labradors with careful consideration of bloodlines that will throw the Best Traits and also who are the . . . "Who's Who" of the Labrador world.  All of our dogs are Genetically Tested as we strive to breed the Best.  We are proud of our dogs, and believe that Talent, Temperament and Trainability are the key ingredients for producing Labradors that are "Fantastic in the Field" and "Wonderful Water Retrievers" and naturally make for loving pets that compliment to the fullest, any household.

Redstar Kennels is a small family kennel with both outdoor and indoor facilities. All our dogs hunt and are used as hunting dogs by our family members. We raise only a few litters each year and upon occasion have a few started dogs available.

"What we do at REDSTAR and Why we LOVE it!"

Ice and Son Ron on the Saginaw Bay ... successful duck/goose hunt "Atta boy ICE"!

Karen and Wing Contender aka Birdie - Master Hunter!!!

This crippled Goose tried hard to out swim ICE and beat ICE with his wings ... but the Goose was no match for ICE ... Good Boy ICE!"


GRHRC Redstarherbettabegood NMH
Now Proudly Owned by Eric Talley
Goodie Gains her 7th Master Pass ... qualified for the 2011 MN and 1 pass towards her 2012 MN Qual.

BIRDIE, It's 11 degrees ...
"a Great Day for Training say's Birdie"

(Especially with Pheasants!!!!!)
2 year old male from Ice x Quick litter
 proudly owned by Rob Davis

New Title for Redstar
Tweet is from our ICE X BIRDIE 2016 LITTER
4 back to back passes, Pin point marker, Team Player 

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